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Industry news

2012 China building hardware industry development outlook

"2011 International economic situation is in the doldrums, the development of construction hardware industry have a great impact, enterprises have entered into a stalemate. Central will 2012 economic work tone location for "Wenzhongqiujin", think next year is a year of opportunities and challenges, which for the development of our industry is have very important significance, to us a lot of inspiration. " Recently, vice chairman of the China National Hardware Association Branch of architectural hardware, Ningbo Amico Group Chairman Chen Guoqiang accept "China hardware and kitchen" magazine interview, in 2012 the development situation of construction hardware industry said.
"According to the current situation, the European debt crisis will act more and more intense, including Japan's economy but also in the doldrums for a dozen years, everything points to the global economic trend of uncertainty, the whole economic situation to the entire industry brought very big test." Shen Guoqiang said that "in view of the current development situation, we present transformation and upgrading, is to turn the traditional labor-intensive industries, technology intensive, extensive production transferred to intensive production, the quantity expansion to quality improvement and management should be from the original rough changes to the fine, and all of these are the industry proposed higher requirements. So far, the construction hardware industry is facing the crisis has been presented, next year the economic situation is a lot of uncertainty. In this regard, the four words of the central economic work conference: wenzhongqiujin. This has a lot of inspiration for us.."
In 2012, the economic situation is extremely complex, and promote the development mode of building hardware industry and industrial transformation and upgrading to become a recognized way out. Shen Guoqiang, deputy director of the board pointed out that the lack of communication and exchange between the industry and the enterprise, and some of the blockade between each other, resulting in homogenization of the serious competition. If you can eliminate the mutual between the diaphragm, continue to strengthen contact and communication, communication, multi activities, together to raise questions to think of ways, and that the current predicament will certainly be able to ease. We want to carry out the work of building hardware branch under the leadership of China Hardware Association, strengthen the link between industry and enterprise, create common development opportunity. Therefore, one of the important tasks of the building hardware branch is to build a platform for enterprises to share common exchange, and create more communication opportunities.
Strengthen the exchange between the construction hardware industry enterprises, has a good platform. Sponsored by the China National Hardware Association China International Architectural Hardware Exhibition CIBHS currently has increasingly development of mature, established the "trade, exchange, dating" exhibition concept. 2011 China International Hardware Exhibition (CIBHS2011) in September 23rd at the New International Exhibition Center in Shanghai, the closing of the New International Expo Center. This exhibition attracted a total of 566 outstanding architectural hardware exhibitors. Among them, the building hardware exhibitors 246, accounting for 43.5% of the total number of building hardware exhibitors, fasteners 256, accounting for 45.2%; silk, nails, net exhibitors 64, accounting for 11.3%.
2011 China International Hardware show attracted a total of professional audience of more than 41000 people, including overseas audiences 3292 people, from 89 countries and regions, industry status of professional audience includes building materials dealers, construction and real estate hardcover purchasing agents, well-known machinery equipment, doors, windows, furniture, etc. production enterprises, and B & Q, Wal Mart, Carrefour, home depot, kingfisher, LG sourcing, Leroy Merlin, Metro, and other building materials business super transnational retail groups.
It is understood, China International Building hardware CIBHS exhibition is the world's second largest hardware show, China International Hardware Show (CIHS) thematic exhibitions by China Hardware Products Association, Cologne, Germany International Exhibition Co., Ltd., countrywide business association hardware electrical chamber of Commerce, China International Trade Promotion Council of Light Industry Branch Co sponsored, Beijing Rui Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai, tool development Co., Ltd. contractors, the international hardware and household goods Association Federation (IHA) and European DIY products Retailers Association (EDRA) support.
Next year's China International Hardware Exhibition will be held in September 19, 2012 to 21, place is still in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Booth reservation work has been in the 2011 exhibition began, as of now, more than 60% booths scheduled.
China International Architectural hardware CIBHS exhibition is the world's second largest hardware show, China International Hardware Show (CIHS) thematic exhibitions, located in the "export oriented, domestic market development, technology orientation and brand promotion," to fill the blank of domestic construction professional exhibition hardware. Exhibition will share a strong platform of China International Hardware Show, and ten years of brand influence, hundreds of thousands of overseas members buyers resources and senior professional exhibition team, international and professional exhibition promotion and buyer organization and site services.
2012 China International Architectural Hardware Exhibition CIBHS2012 will be on September 19, 2012 21 day in Shanghai New International Expo Center and "the 12th China International Hardware Show (CIHS' 12) held at the same time, then also the earlier held 2012 China International Kitchen, kitchen and bathroom products and technology exhibition CIKB2012 and 2012 China International lock, security products exhibition CILS2012.