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Hardware small common sense: which kind of anti-theft door best?

The purchase of furniture hardware is related to the consumer's daily life safety degree and comfort, especially the anti-theft door, as the first line of defense, the purchase of the anti-theft door also becomes very important. Here, the small series for you to collate some of the hardware tips on the purchase of anti-theft door:
The full name of the anti-theft door is the "anti-theft security door, in accordance with the provisions of China's Ministry of public security in 1992 to develop public safety industry standard" anti-theft security door general technical conditions "GA2592, anti-theft door must is the statutory inspection bodies according to the standard testing qualified, production enterprises after obtaining provincial public security department (bureau) security technology prevention department issued security technology to guard against products zhunchanzheng produce products. The basic concept of door of guard against theft and burglar proof door is the same, is refers to in within a certain period of time can resist certain conditions of non normal open, with a special lock and anti-theft device of door.
General use of anti-theft door locks qualified three range locks, not only locks, the bar can inserted into the lock, the door to be fixed. Poor anti-theft door is not equipped with three points lock or optional three point lock structure. And, the real good lock is not the more the lock point, 4 lock points and 10, 20 lock point actually no essential difference. No matter how many lock points, the center is in the lock, as long as the core is broken, and then more lock points are useless. Generally, 4 lock points are enough..
The quality of the process should pay special attention to the inspection of welding defects, such as welding, welding, leakage welding, slag slag and other phenomena. The door fan and door frame cooperate whether dense, whether the gap is uniform, whether the opening is flexible, all the joints are dense, paint plating is uniform, smooth, etc.. And, the quality of the anti-theft door slightly better in the door frames are embedded with rubber seal, so that the door will not send a harsh sound metal collision.
Real security doors must by statutory testing agencies in accordance with the standard testing qualified, and production enterprises where the provincial public security department (bureau) security technology prevention department issued security technology to prevent products zhunchanzheng. When the purchase should also pay attention to the anti-theft door FAM logo, corporate name, the implementation of standards and other content, in line with the standards of the door to both safe and reliable.
The anti-theft security door general technical conditions "provisions, qualified anti-theft door in 15 minutes criminals using chisel, screwdriver, crowbars and other ordinary hand tools and electric drill portable electric tools can open or on the door opened a 615 square centimeters of the opening, or at the lock point 150 mm square semicircle open a 38 square centimeters of the opening. And anti-theft door lock must be after Ministry of public security inspection center detection qualified with anti drilling features exclusive lock anti-theft door. Anti-theft door can be made of different materials, but only up to standard testing qualified, receive security technology to guard against products zhunchanzheng door can be called the anti-theft door.