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Purchasing efficient motor will get state subsidies


Purchasing efficient motor will get state subsidies

As "1025" energy saving and emission reduction in promoting an important move, the ministry of finance and the state development and reform commission of hunan province, announced recently in xiangtan will start from this month by financial subsidies and so on a series of large power support policies, and promote energy efficient motor in the domestic market applications.

In the ministry of finance and the state development and reform commission after this subsidy policies within a very short time, petrochina, sinopec, a large number of enterprises and of south-to-north water transfer project in large-scale purchasing decision key project and speed up efficient motor gas-guzzling elimination of existing old, old motor. Xiangtan motor, wolong electrical, nanyang explosion-proof etc motor manufacturing enterprises and pumps, fans, compressors host enterprise, products are stepping up structure adjustment, expand production scale, and efficient motor with their own corresponding motor already signed all kinds of consumer market main body efficiently nearly 10 million kw motor contract, the policy effect already starting to appear.

According to understand, motor at present mainly applied in industry, agriculture, construction and public facilities, etc. According to energy efficiency is divided into efficient motor and general motors. One energy efficient motor through adopting new motor design, new technology and new materials, can effectively reduce the electromagnetic energy, heat and mechanical loss, improve output efficiency, high energy consumption of the motor than regular motor reduce energy consumption by 20 percent to 30 percent. Relative to Europe and America are on the market for efficient or super efficient energy-saving motor, our energy efficient motor market share less than 3%, motor system than developed countries overall efficiency low around 20%. This is largely restricted areas such as China's industrial economy of core competitiveness.

Have pointed out, since the 1980s, America began to adopt quota from saving electricity subsidies or give discount subsidies to wait for method, encourage users buy efficient motor, meanwhile gradually improving energy efficiency access standard. In subsidies, under the support of the United States has comprehensive popularization super efficient motor, the overall energy efficiency level in two levels than high. This month for efficient motor began implementing financial subsidies and supporting policies, the future will also prompted China motor market appear similar "shuffle effect", relevant industry and the market main body must be grasped the research trends, realize industrial transformation and upgrade as soon as possible.