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How hardware industry is invincible after sale is the key

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The traditional hardware products, also known as "hardware". Refers to all kinds of metal parts, steel, aluminum and other metal iron after forging, rolling, cutting, and physical processing made. Such as
The traditional hardware products, also known as "hardware". Refers to all kinds of metal parts, steel, aluminum and other metal iron after forging, rolling, cutting, and physical processing made. Such as hardware tools, hardware components, daily hardware, building hardware and security supplies, etc.. Hardware products are not the final consumer goods. But as the industrial manufacture of supporting products, semi-finished products and production process and tools, etc.. Only a small part of the daily hardware products is a tool for people's life must be consumer goods.
In the National Bureau of national economic industry classification, manufacturing is the third largest category of industry. Including: the means of subsistence production and manufacture, for example: agricultural and sideline products, food and beverage, tobacco, textile and garment leather, wood furniture, printing and stationery and pharmaceutical manufacturing; production of manufacturing. For example: petroleum chemical industry, chemical fiber, plastics and rubber, non metal products manufacturing, metal smelting and processing, metal products manufacturing, general equipment manufacturing, manufacturing industry special equipment manufacturing and transportation equipment, electrical equipment, communications, electronics, and so on.
Since the reform and opening up, with the potential of consumer goods industry, the Chinese hardware industry is also high-speed forward, the international hardware industry, all categories of China are basically. With the development of science and technology and foreign advanced equipment introduction, completely changed the domestic hardware products for decades are always the same old faces and varieties of a single phenomenon. The variety of products has already been developed from dozens of original species to the present one thousand and basically meet the market demand of different grades. National large and small hardware products enterprises reached 3 or so, the size of only 2.2% of the total. Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang become hardware products processing center, the total production has accounted for more than 85% of the country.
The area has appeared in Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Daxin Town, Zhejiang Yuyao, Jinhua, Yongkang hardware products industrial base. China's current hardware products industry products mainly export-oriented, according to China National Hardware Association statistics, China's hardware products industry sales of about 60% of exports, 40% domestic sales. Export of general trade exports accounted for 80% of the total exports of hardware, into the processing trade accounted for 14% of total exports. During the "Nine Five" plan, China's hardware industry exports of European and American markets have a larger growth, and maintained an increase of 11.4% of exports. Hardware products industry is completely competitive industry. The competent department of hardware products industry is the national development and Reform Commission, which is responsible for the formulation of industrial policies and research and development of the industry development plan. Hardware industry industry management agencies is the China Light Industry Federation Affiliated of China National Hardware Association, is committed to promote the industry development, for self-regulation of the industry, in technology, products, market, information, training, domestic and foreign trade, carry out cooperation and work, put forward suggestions of industrial development to the government on behalf of the members of the industry such as.
For a long time, China's hardware industry mainly rely on exports for survival and development, in 2008 the outbreak of the international financial crisis dealt a severe blow to the Chinese hardware industry export "engine", resulting in the hardware industry in a predicament. After two years of efforts, in 2010, the hardware industry's export situation has clearly improved, China's hardware industry is gradually out of the era of crisis ".
The personage inside course of study thinks, with, intensified competition in the market of China's hardware, domestic enterprises competition in addition to its own brand counterparts and eyeing the transnational hardware brand giants. Relevant experts pointed out that from the future development trends, the global hardware industry in the next 5 years is expected to grow by 5% to 3%. At this rate, China is still ranked first place in the world.
At present, the world more than 220 countries and regions have China's hardware products, the status of China's hardware products manufacturing power has been established. According to Luo Baihui survey data show that the total output value of hardware products industry has reached 800000000000 yuan, in 2005 - 2008 to maintain the growth rate of over 15%, of which the total industry exports of $50300000000 in 2008
, about the total output value of the industry 40%-50%, in addition to 2007, an increase of 7%, has been to maintain the rapid growth of 20%-30%. But since the fourth quarter of 2008, the worst global financial crisis caused a huge impact on export-oriented enterprises. Overnight, the disappearance of the export orders, signed a good export contract and some have even handed down, but also to return the various excuses. Hardware tools, construction hardware, locks, cutlery, zippers and other industries affected by this crisis is the most obvious. Some say this is a battle without the gun smoke, there is no real enemy in the battle, the real opponent is himself. Because we have a lot of export enterprises is mainly to OEM, no their own brands and sales channels, in the financial crisis in our weakness fully exposed.
In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, if domestic enterprises do not pay attention, will affect the long-term development of their own, do a good job good service sales is also a top priority. In the worldwide sales of electric tools, the vast majority of China's production and export, and China has become the world's major electric tool suppliers. While the development of the electric tools industry, some problems are increasingly exposed.. In particular the slow progress of reform of system of scientific research development, obvious gap with foreign countries, low exports, lower levels of performance, price is low, small-scale enterprises, set is low, raw material price factors etc. seriously restricted the industry further
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