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Revelation "over age" home appliance hardware little-known use secret

2015-06-01 点击数:961
Home appliance with old change new in full swing, though, a lot of people don't forget the old appliances with of love,

Home appliance with old change new in full swing, though, a lot of people don't forget the old appliances with of love, but worry about safe hidden trouble finally had to change. That, however, also hard to avoid lets the person deeper concern, and how many people still in use in this house, "home" over age service hardware appliances?

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When "buy home appliance use fixed number of year of never heard about this opinion, we usually in electrical appliances bad just to change new, not bad. My family has been in the refrigerator has been used for 14 years." Hangzhou citizens Mr Zhang said. According to understand, and Mr. Zhang is similar citizens not in minority, average consumer was lack of knowledge, part of home appliance home appliance "3 packets" explained it very clear about the shelf life of home appliance, but is ambiguous, sales staff to customers in little about when sales promotion. "Home appliance with the use of the term consumers use frequency, environment, purchase deadline on many issues related to, many citizens have been feeling household appliances as long as not bad, can always use, never thought 'overterm service' can cause accidents. But for the home appliance such as the air conditioning, the refrigerator shelf life ', 'most ordinary consumers are also not clear." Recently, a brand electrical appliances with reporters about one dealer about home appliance "over age" service triggered the case - a little dispute with citizens in electric kettle.anyone boil water, electric kettle.anyone base suddenly exploded. The electric kettle.anyone citizens believe, demanding quality problems that get a dealer to manufacturer. When staff gave him checked the electric kettle.anyone preliminarily concluded that cause an explosion, the reason is the actual use electric kettle.anyone longer than use fixed number of year, belong to "overterm service" product, so that even if a problem can't claim.