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Starting in 2010, from all over the country, China is more and more serious employment waste? Not enough use really workers I do not think so.

Starting in 2010, from all over the country, China is more and more serious employment waste? Not enough use really workers I do not think so. Euramerican developed country a country with our country population GDP value tens of basic and same, still all day, and solve the problem of unemployment in China without a man to rmb1.4 population? Impossible! The problem is with the development of our national economy, people life water flat to improve cost of living increases, the workers' demands for higher wages and we enterprise and give not so high wages, with low wage workers was responsible for the employment drought, rather than nobody use.

2010 us GDP value per capita GDP value $47240, Japan, their per capita $37870 foreign investment income and a lot don't count. China's per capita GDP value $3620. 2010 9364 RMB, zhengzhou per capita income $14 dollars. The national annual per capita income $1,200. The United States and Japan per capita income in China more than 20 times higher. Wages are growing trend in the next few decades, if we worker wage growth, to the current 10 times to the present value several enterprise value of the workers enough salary of hair? Don't say profits tax! In the future development of enterprise direction, from where to improve worker's wages is worth us to think. Based on my own personal views have the following is only for your reference:

1. On enterprise culture, completes the political and ideological work

Troops have a secretary of state-owned enterprises in commissar private political and ideological work, political and ideological work is also very important. Some say now is the economic society, everyone is money for this, have no money not shown. I disagree, today there are so many selfless dedication selfless contributions to national interests to do human bomb shattered, buddhist religious how the bona fide! Our enterprise to the money also quit aren't we didn't work do people? Improve enterprise culture, completes the political and ideological work, allowing workers to the enterprise as home, as their own things, work willing to dry. Let workers feel enterprise promising work harder to dry. Wages is temporary, some workers across the mountain to mountain high, we may not always be the highest wage workers. Ideological work not well, workers will go sooner or later.

2. Improve workers technical level and improve production efficiency

Raises the technical level is training workers, retaining workers is the best technical training. Now enterprises, stay isn't willing to waste their effort to training workers. Training workers has two aspects: one is the cultural and technical training, 2 it is to use higher wages to let him work in practice training (not let go). Enterprise's talent is in enterprise in many years of training up, not whet of jihadism. I put the hire when trees, new trees want watering meticulous care to survive, the old tree a look less of his spirit away love. The result is got another stir and walked with generation after generation, workers do not stable quality is not stable. Recruit new workers more care worker, as GenShenYeMao to results, new tree roots also needs to an expert. To keep workers is the best technology training!

Workers' political and ideological work do, labor attitude makes regular, responsibility to strong, just have the higher professional spirit. Workers in the enterprise exercise for a long time, can skilled technology to achieve excellence. Workers overall quality improves, the production efficiency is to go up. In turn, the enterprise efficiency good, is also higher wages, enterprise stable production is the foundation of all things.

3. Improve the product price is actually improve product quality

The product price is not we want to improve, improve, raise prices must accompany the improvement of quality. The year before we grinding wheel abrasive export average price of $11.8 import/ton, the average price 13,000 dollars a ton, import export more than a dozen times, other mechanical and electrical products import and export in ten 20 times than also. Our product prices to reach Europe of product, price, quality must also meet or exceed their quality to just go.

4. Improve added value of products

Enhance the grade of the product improving added value of products also is to raise the scientific and technological content of products, the enterprise must conduct scientific research. With more advanced product substitution original products, for instance: the use of alternative now CBN wheels ceramic grinding wheels, past ordinary concerning tons to sell, now concerning carat sell. Output decreased employing reduced output didn't reduce, can improve worker's wages.

5. Large scale production, equipment automation

Large scale production is not our products are to do what, from emery wheel CBN, from large to small wheels, from the resin emery wheel to ceramic grinding wheel I'll do anything, volume and high cost less difficult, management, low efficiency, the benefit is poor. Take what wages for workers? Large scale production is a diversified varieties, or several product do extreme change, from quality to class best, price nature also high.

A single species scale easily after on automation equipment, automation equipment province people effort high efficiency and stable product quality, production good management, benefits will improve, worker's wages will also went to rise. Why do we now seldom use automation equipment? One is more than specifications varieties with small amount, a single variety automation equipment doesn't pay, 2 it is if wages rise to monthly tens of thousands of yuan, then you feel in the automation equipment affordable!

6. Improve the level of enterprise management, reduce the production cost

The quality and to the management to the management benefit everyone knows, but mind each link, each detail is not easy, we each enterprise must keep learning the advanced management experience, be engaged in the enterprise management, make not enterprise management half the wasted effort, improve enterprise management will reduce waste to improve efficiency. I see from Japanese earthquake 311 Japanese national management, from the quake warning to evacuate rescue from country to country to community to family, that kind of rapid calmly calm, distress comes sleek things not jing in an orderly way, every detail is doing is worth learning, if we take that disaster will be how?

7. Urge governments to improve enterprise investment and business environment

Improve enterprise investment and operation environment should be the government, but the government overstaffing need all of us to offer to supervise and government departments will seriously, enterprise investment and management environment will improve. Government departments to provide convenient and less to the enterprise to set up checked posts services, make enterprise should concentrate on enterprise management, do not put in the government department in trouble on payable will survive. Enterprise